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Thank you for considering Balance Massage School for your massage therapy training. Balance Massage School is dedicated to providing professional high-quality therapeutic massage training with an emphasis on individual success. Balance...

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Program Description

Balance Massage School will offer a Massage Therapy Training course consisting of 625 hours of in-class instruction. The class will meet every Monday and Wednesday from 8:30am – 12:30pm and every other Saturday from 8:00am...

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balance massage school

Program Information

Start a new chapter in your life, and become a Certified Massage Therapist. The total cost of the 625 hour training program is $8,000. This fee includes $7,400 for tuition and a $100 application fee and $500 nonrefundable...

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Curriculum Overview

We Are Offering You:

Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology and Pathology

A Basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology is necessary to master theory and practice of therapeutic massage.

Students will study:

  • Names, locations, insertions and origins of the muscular system
  • Actions and movements of the muscles and joints
  • Systems of the body and how they function normally
  • Common illnesses and conditions in relation to massage therapy

Massage Theory and Application

Massage Theory and Hands-on-Massage Therapy comprises the majority of the Massage Therapy training program.

Students will study and practice:

  • Procedures for complex massage
  • Assessment techniques and advanced therapy
  • Clinical massage techniques including tissue massage, myofascial massage and trigger point therapy
  • Included but not limited to chair massage, reflexology, stone massage, warm bamboo, Lomi Lomi, acupressure, Reiki, energy meridians, chakras, hydrotherapy and active isolated stretching

Students will exchange massage sessions with each other to practice techniques and develop a massage sequence.


Practicing professional ethics protects the client, the profession and the therapist by creating a safe environment and also helps gain the respect of the medical community and general population.

Students will:

  • Learn the ethics of the massage profession
  • Learn how to set intention and create professional boundaries
  • Learn conflict resolution and management


It is important that students get “real-life” experience to enhance their skills.

Students will:

  • Perform massages on the general public
  • Work on clients with various body types, conditions, preferences and ages
  • Be able to practice a complete massage session from greeting the client to check-out
  • Receive written evaluations from the clients focusing on the positive aspects as well as areas of weakness


Developing good self-care practices enhances the practitioner’s ability to perform multiple massages, while reducing the chance of injury.

Students will study:

  • Proper stances and body mechanics
  • The importance of centering and grounding to better connect with the client
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • The importance of regular exercise, good nutrition, good hydration, good hygiene and adequate sleep


Massage therapy is a business and successful massage therapists are business people.

Students will study:

  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Tax Laws
  • Job Interviewing
  • Resume Writing
  • Marketing and Advertising

Community Service

It is important to let people in the community experience our skills and professionalism through community service.

Students will:

  • Provide on site chair massage for community events
  • Learn the power of the human touch by doing arm and hand massages in nursing homes for the elderly.

This institute is regulated by:
Indiana Department of Workforce Development
Office for Career and Technical Schools
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