What is HypnoTherapy?


Many people have a suspicious almost frightened, attitude toward Hypnosis, which can somewhat be blamed on  the distorted Hollywood presentation.  Hypnosis is NOT mind control, loss of control, black magic, being gullible or a state of sleep.


It is, however, a state of heightened awareness, being awake with complete control, and an avenue of therapy for a multitude of problems.  It is without a doubt a legitimate tool for health care and wellness.


In short, hypnosis is a form of focused concentration and most of us at one time or another have been in a hypnotized state of mind.  If you have ever driven to a destination and arrived wondering how you got from here to there as it went so fast, that is a state of hypnosis.  Or, if you have ever been so engrossed in a project that you look at the clock and realize it’s been  three hours instead of one, you have been in a state of hypnosis.


If the idea of hypnosis scares you, call it by one of it’s other names – guided imagery, visualization, meditation or day dreaming.  A state of hypnosis can be induced with the guidance of a certified hypnotherapist or, with practice, you can enter a state of self hypnosis.


The true value of the therapy lies in the fact that the therapist is able to by-pass the conscious mind to offer suggestions to the sub-conscious mind to reduce anxiety, stop phobias, or build self confidence.   In the past the technique has been used successfully to lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce PTSD.


Hypnosis is relaxing and beneficial for people of all ages.  Though it is true that some individuals do better than others.  For more information and to find out if Hypnotherapy could help you call Balance Massage and Wellness today and ask for Dr. Marian who is a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists.


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Marian Klaes