Olympic Athletes Use It – You Can Too!

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A strong interest in Cupping Therapy has recently been noted due to the very obvious cupping marks noted on numerous Olympic Swimmers.  Many have inquired about the marks and about cupping in general.


Cupping is an ancient healing form that helps to relieve sore and aching muscles by increasing circulation and lymph flow to the area in question.  Given the intensity with which Olympic athletes train and their stringent restrictions of banned substances, competitive athletes are always seeking methods to facilitate post work-out recuperation.


Intense training can cause damage to the muscle at the cellular level and cellular debris can prevent the muscle from  optimum contraction.  Cupping stimulates the vascular and lymphatic systems to remove the debris, detoxify the system, and enable the athlete to continue training and competing at peak performance.  This is true no matter what the sport – running, swimming, volleyball, etc.


The following links provide more expertise on Olympic Athletes and their utilization of cupping:




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