Hypnosis in Cancer Care


Over 14 million Americans live with cancer, and this number continues to increase every day. Unfortunately, medical advances have not been matched with psychological care, and millions of Americans are left emotionally unprepared to work through the anxiety, depression and fear that accompanies the diagnosis, treatment, and after care of a cancer diagnosis.
Customary medical regimens treat diseases of the body; and psychotherapies address disorders of the psyche; but hypnosis is unique in that it is a customizable multi-tool that can augment the treatment of both physical and emotional concerns at the same time. This non-pharmacological approach has relatively low cost, and there are no toxic systemic side effects. Numerous studies have validated the efficacy of utilization of hypnosis in all stages of cancer treatment – from the initial diagnosis, to the testing procedures, to treatment with chemotherapy and radiation, and the after care when the patient may be concerned about chronic pain and disfigurement.
Research studies have shown that alternative strategies to medication have been studied and analyzed, and hypnosis has been found to be effective with helping patients navigate through the range of emotions and symptoms which they frequently experience. Hypnosis has been shown to help reduce anxiety, depression and grief, and reduce physical symptoms such as pain, nausea and insomnia.
Many people are unfamiliar with hypnosis and therefore have concerns about utilizing this therapy for helping through this difficult phase of life. Frequent misconceptions include concerns about mind-control, staying “stuck” in hypnosis or that they might reveal “secrets” if they were to be hypnotized.
1. Hypnosis is not mind control
2. You cannot stay stuck, and
3. No one ever reveals any personal secrets.

Hypnosis is merely an altered stated of consciousness which most of us have experienced at one time another. If you have ever driven a car and arrived at a destination without remembering much of the drive – or you have been so involved with a project you totally lost track of time – you have experienced a trance effect or hypnotic experience. It is at this time when the conscious mind is somewhat sidetracked, that the subconscious mind is very open to positive suggestions.

Therefore, if one is in a deeply concentrated state, suggestions can be used to assist individuals in working through the emotional and physical discomforts and challenges when navigating through the cancer diagnosis and treatment. In addition, patients can easily be taught to use self hypnosis which they can utilize at any phase of the treatment.

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