Healing With Sound

Energy moves on wavelengths of vibration. Light waves, sound waves and even seemingly solid structures are all composed of vibrating particles. How then could consciously directed sound vibration fail to have an effect on us?

Experiments have proven that sound affects the growth and development of plant life. Science acknowledges that sound is an effective way to work with the vibrational patterns of all matter. Mothers instinctively know that humming or singing may calm and soothe a restless child.

According to Joule L’Adara in her Sounding For Wellness course, scientists are now discovering what indigenous people have always known…that everything in the Universe is vibrating. “Sound Healing, in its simplest form,” says Joule, “is using vibration to induce states of wellness and wellbeing.”

Sound (or vibrational) healing is merely a method of using different resonant sounds to help clear our energy fields and realign us with a healthier vibratory pattern.

How does sound heal? Sound can aid our bodies to relax by sending soothing vibrations that cleanse and harmonize our very cells. Sound can help release detrimental cellular memory of traumatic events held in our bodies and energy fields. It rebalances and harmonizes our vibration and can create healthy new synapses in our brains.

The tiny muscles inside our inner ears which receive and transmit sound vibration become stronger and more flexible with the use of sound healing, and help give us increased energy, better concentration and more stamina and agility.

So tune in to the healthy effects of Vibrational Sound Sessions now being offered by Leilani Stef Douthit at Balance Massage and Wellness!!!

A 30 minute session of Sound Healing is $40 or $10 for a 10 minute Monolini session add-on to any massage by Leilani Stef.