Four Ways Oncology Massages Can Bring Healing


At Balance Massage and Wellness, we treat a variety of conditions. We are very excited to start offering oncology massages for our clients affected by cancer. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to feel relaxed and healthy. There are several types of benefits of oncology massages, here are just four examples

  1. General Benefits

Massage therapy can help with a lot of conditions, some that cancer patients could especially benefit from. These things include deep relaxation, reduced stress, improved sleep, eased constipation, increased alertness and mental clarity, reduced anxiety, less nausea, and reduced pain.

  1. Following Surgery

After a surgery, there are a whole other world of conditions that massage therapy can address. Some examples are: easier recovery from anesthesia, reduced post-surgical pain, improved mobility and appearance of surgical scars, reduced swelling, improved range of motion, and easier adaptation to implants and expanders.

  1. Following Radiation or Chemotherapy

For patients that receive these treatments, massages can reduce anxiety in advance of and during treatment, reduce post-treatment fatigue, improve appetite, and improve peripheral neuropathy.

  1. Emotional Benefits

Massages can help anyone on an emotional level, but cancer patients in particular can receive extra benefits from oncology massage. They can experience decreased anxiety, decreased depression, improved body self-image, restored hope, and satisfaction in actively participating in a part of the healing process.
We care deeply about those who are going through cancer. We want to use our skills and abilities to help those who are in pain and provide relief for people who need it. If you or someone you know could benefit from an oncology massage, book an appointment today by calling us at  (812) 799-7538.

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