5 Ways To Make Mom Smile This Mother’s Day

Moms. Where would we be without them? Since Day 1 they have been on our side. They’re our home remedy nurse, our maker of beds, and the ones who were always rooting for us on the sidelines. They’re our biggest fans. And even still, when we forget to call and tell them how we’re doing, they always understand. It’s that time of year again when we set aside a day for something that most of us should be doing every day – appreciating our moms. Nonetheless, this special time is our chance to reflect on the ways our moms have blessed us. Here are 5 ways that you can give back to your mom this Mother’s Day. 

Make a card

We’ve all been there, perusing the card aisle, thinking to ourselves, “Surely there’s one here that’s perfect.” But why not save yourself the trouble and make your own card? You know your mother better than any card manufacturing company. Plus, it will mean more to her if she knows that you put time and effort into making it. There are several free websites that have nice templates to choose from and print, then you can handwrite your own message. Or, if you’re feeling extra crafty, you could design the card yourself. Write a sweet message that will truly brighten her day. Remember to thank her for the countless sacrifices she’s made.

Surprise her with a gift certificate from Balance Massage and Wellness

What’s more generous than a therapeutic massage? Our certified professionals at Balance Massage and Wellness know how to do it right. From acupuncture to warm bamboo massages, we’ve got it covered. Gift your mom with an experience that will be relaxing, reduce stress and tension, and even help with mental and emotional health. After years of putting up with us, and all the stress that we’ve caused them, it’s about time for them to take a load off and enjoy some relaxation. 

Book a massage for yourself and make it a date

Why not? You deserve one too. You and your mom could benefit from the time spent together anyway.

Get her a LOVE MORE t-shirt or sign

If you haven’t heard already, Erin Davis and her five-year old daughter have started a movement that is quickly taking root in Indiana. Their LOVE MORE signs are serving as a good reminder to us all that, no matter our personal differences or political beliefs, we can all learn how to love more in how we think, how we talk, and how we act toward others. The signs have taken a special role in Columbus. We at Balance Massage and Wellness have partnered with Heritage Fund to raise funds by selling the signs in honor of Abbot Garn, a student who just recently passed away as the result of an accident. With each purchase of a shirt or sign, $9 is donated to the Abbot Garn Scholarship Fund. Become part of the story with your mom. 

Take her out for coffee or tea

Lucabe Coffee and Sogna Della Tierra are both excellent, local shops that cater to cozy environments, great coffee and well-crafted food. Treat your mom with something she’s sure to love – coffee and quality time with you.


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