10 Reasons Why I Chose a Career as a Massage Therapist

– by Peggy Stam

I graduated from massage therapy school almost 19 years ago and I often have clients ask why I became a massage therapist.

I received my B.S. degree from Purdue in 1986 where I studied restaurant, hotel and institutional management. For years I worked in various food service establishments and while I enjoyed the work it wasn’t very satisfying. For months I prayed I would find my purpose in life and I finally received my answer . . . Massage Therapy.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Massage Therapy as a Career


  • Flexible Hours


It was perfect when my kids were young because if they had a day off school I could schedule the day off as well.


  • Work in a relaxing atmosphere


I get to listen to relaxing and calming music all day.


  • Good pay


It is hard work but it is worth it.


  • Clients are happy to see me


. . . and even happier when they leave


  • Rewarding career


I spend my days relieving pain and making people feel good.


  • Meet new people


I meet new people and make new connections every week.


  • NOT sitting all day


I am up and moving instead of sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen.


  • Keeps me “tuned in”


It helps me stay tuned in to my own body issues and energy flow.


  • I get massages for free


I am able to trade massages on a regular basis with coworkers.


  • I can learn forever


I am always learning something new to stimulate my brain.

I am now the Co-Owner and Director of Balance Massage School which is currently the only massage school in South Central Indiana. Our massage therapy training is a 625 hour program consisting of anatomy, physiology, pathology, ethics, business and extensive hands-on practice. Our 53 week session will prepare students to pass the state licensing exam and work as a successful massage therapist. WE HAVE A CLASS STARTING OCTOBER 17th, 2016. For more information go to www.balancemassageschool.com or call 812-799-7538 today!

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Peggy Stam